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Inspiration for 2013 Summer Hairstyles from the Catwalk

The sun is just about to drive out Old Man Winter with inclement weather, which kept us indoors or wrapped up in layers of clothing. It is time for open shoes and skimpy summer dresses. But stop! We haven’t considered the proper summer hairstyles yet. Models on the catwalks of fashion metropolis show beautiful hairstyles made easy. We like to help you out with a few tips on getting your hair ready for summer

Now is the time to practice styling unique but simple summer hairstyles to look good wherever you spend your summer. Whether you embark on the summer vacation of your life on exotic shores, get ready for a party in your backyard or discover the beauty of forests, rivers, and lakes nearby, the hairstyle must be simple and under no circumstances should it keep you from having fun in the sun. Besides, spending a lot of the gorgeous summer time on hairstyling is a waste of time. The heat, humidity, and possibly the wind will make short shrift of elaborately styled hairdos anyway.  Don’t fret if your styling does not exactly look as planned! Simply call it your undone summer hairstyle. Summer hairstyles don’t have to be accurate or styled until the hair is absolutely straight or every curl is properly defined. Allow a few strands to go wherever they may. Undone hairstyles are in vogue. However, undone is not synonymous with raggle-taggle. Untended hair is not cool at all.

We hope our tips and inspiration will help you find your easy breezy hairstyles for your favourite summer activities.

How to Keep Your Hair Fit Throughout the Summer Season

Your hair may survive a day in the sun without signs of damage. Over time however, combinations of sun, wind, salt water, and chlorinated water will take their toll, leaving hair brittle and dull.

It does not matter whether your hair is beach blonde or sunset brunette. In the summer months, hair needs extra care to stay vibrant and shiny.

Hair care with UV protectant: UVA and UVB filters protect the hair as well as the sensitive scalp. Today, many styling products contain these protective ingredients.

Under cover: Wear a hat if you want to spend time in the sun. Hats not only protect hair and scalp, they also guard against heat strokes. Wearing a hat also gives you a unique style.

Brush the fringes aside: In the summer months, fringes can be bothersome. Underneath the hair, heat and sebum may accumulate and cause blemishes on the forehead. Simply allow the fringes to grow and pin them back.

Give the blow-dryer a rest: Use your blow-dryer as little as possible. After drying in the gentle warm summer breeze, hair looks healthy and naturally beautiful.

Casual beach waves are the ideal starting point for summer hairstyles. In his step-by-step video tutorial, top hair stylist Armin Morbach shows how to create beach waves.

Video: How to Create Beach Waves

In our gallery, we show the newest 2013 summer hairstyles and provide styling tips.

Gallery: Summer Hairstyles as Seen on Catwalks

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