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Blog Trend Puts Blossoms in Your Hair

Spring is here! In the first warming rays of the sun flowers bloom everywhere – the blogosphere included. Women no longer wear lively blossoms in their hair only in weddings and editorials. Roses, tulips, orchids and all kinds of flowers are growing hair accessories

Blog Trend Puts Blossoms in Your Hair

Celebrate Spring! Fashion bloggers lead the new trends

The fashion bloggers Sophia on “Kabutar”, Robyn on “Twitch Vintage” and Whitney on “À la Ladywolf” are passionate about wearing flower crowns. In their outfit posts they look pretty like spring with bunches or garlands of flowers in their hair. Whitney loves wearing pink plastic orchids, Robyn’s hair garland contains real forsythias (golden bells) and Sophia has found her hair 'jewellery' in her own garden. Sophia also found the lipstick matching the red flowers in her hair.

The Danish designer Stine Goya is credited with inspiring the blossoming hair trend. When she presented her spring/summer collection for 2011 her models delighted the audience with garlands of pastel blossoms in their hair. Marc Jacobs decided to harness all of nature's flower power for his collection in the 1970s style. His models put a wealth of blossoms mostly sideways in their crimped hair.

Blog Trend Puts Blossoms in Your Hair

If you don't feel like creating the flower jewellery yourself you can simply buy a pretty flower arrangement

Do-it-yourselfers have yet another reason to revel in creativity. All it takes are a few silk flowers and thin wire and you are ready to fashion your very own natural hair jewellery. Otherwise, you find ready-made flower arrangements and individual blossoms at the stores of Marks & Spencer (left) or at Accessorize (right), to name only two of many sources. Frida Kahlo would have been ecstatic!


Marks & Spencer >> marksandspencer.com

Accessoirize >> accessorize.com

Stine Goya >> stinegoya.com

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